Wound Management

Smart wound care treatment

Chronic wounds are a debilitating medical condition for affected individuals and represent a significant financial burden for the healthcare system, ...
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Accel Heal

Treating patients with non-progressing, painful leg ulcers?

Electrical stimulation of which electroceuticals are an advanced form is included in the 2018 HSE National Wound Management Guidelines with ...
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ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI)

Wounds UK Best Practice Statement 2019

ABPI testing improves patient outcomes in wound care. Read the Best practice statement for wound care 2019. Click here.  Reducing ...
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How does it work? Developed and designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind, Accel‑Heal® delivers a sequence of ...
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A Guide for the removal of Skin Lesions

Please click on the link below to read the comprehensive guide: Medciare-Guide-Removal-of-skin-lesions ...
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