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Treating patients with non-progressing, painful leg ulcers?

Accel Heal is a medical device clinically proven to promote and stimulate healing in leg ulcers and chronic wounds using electroceutical energy. 

Accel Heal


Electrical stimulation of which electroceuticals are an advanced form is included in the 2018 HSE National Wound Management Guidelines with a recommendation:

(40.1) Electrical stimulation should be considered as an adjunct to standard wound care in wounds that are failing to progress as expected. HSE Recommendation Evidence Grade: B

Accel-Heal is a 12-day, one-off treatment course designed to restore the healing process in poor or non-healing ulcers.

Clinical case *
75 year old man with a non-progressing Venous Leg Ulcer present for 15 months.

Accel Heal stimulates healing in leg ulcers

Start of the treatment
On initiation of Accel-Heal® the wound was malodourous with 95% slough and required 3-4 dressing changes a week.

End of 12 day treatment
Following 12 days Accel-Heal® therapy the wound was 100% granulating with no odour.  Dressing changes were reduced, and the wound went on to achieve full healing within 12 weeks.

*Data on file. 2018. SEL01

How does it work?

Developed and designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind, Accel‑Heal® delivers a sequence of pre-programmed, low level and painless electrical energy through the skin surface, helping to reduce inflammation and improving cell migration to the ulcer site.

The therapy results in tissue repair, turning a non-healing ulcer into one that heals normally.

Benefits of Accel Heal
An effective treatment for healing leg ulcers and chronic wounds

Supported by a wealth of clinical evidence, Accel‑Heal® is the ideal choice for patients suffering with poorly or non-healing ulcers because it works by addressing a key reason why wounds do not heal.

The key benefits:

  • Stimulating healing in hard to heal or non-healing leg ulcers
  • Helping to reduce pain
  • Reducing exudate
  • Reducing oedema

Overview Video:

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