29th Jun

The accuracy of BP measuring devices

ABPM devices — guidance for clinical practice

“The accuracy of blood pressure (BP) measuring devices is a prerequisite for the reliable diagnosis and management of hypertension. However, the accuracy of BP measuring devices, which is the bedrock of hypertension evaluation, has largely been taken for granted in both clinical practice and scientific research. The numbers of patients with hypertension in all countries of the world will increase greatly following the US guideline recommendation to lower the threshold of office BP for the diagnosis of hypertension from 140/90 to 130/80mmHg. 

International guidelines now recommend ambulatory blood pressure measurement (ABPM) as the ‘gold standard’ for clinical practice, and moreover the technique is reimbursed in Ireland.”   Prof Eoin O’Brien, University College Dublin Conway Institute (IMT, 10-05-2018).

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The IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG was listed as an ABPM device that have undergone a validation study. 

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