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The number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes mellitus and COPD +worldwide is increasing year-on-year. These conditions result in reduced quality of life and a shorter life expectancy, and put a huge strain on the healthcare sector.

By using the latest telemedicine treatment methods, doctors, clinics, research institutes and healthcare providers are working on improving care and enhancing patients’ quality of life. Reliable and compatible solutions which are easy to operate are crucial to the success of these telemedicine methods. These solutions should also be flexible enough to meet the requirements of the care concept and the treatment method.

Our telemedicine solutions have been developed on this basis, and enable the monitoring of all standard vital signs ranges. By combining our partners’ innovative healthcare programmes with telemedicine services, we work together to improve people’s health.

Overview of Telemedicine Services

  • Hardware and software for telemonitoring of all standard vital signs
  • Very easy to use (plug-and-play concept)
  • High data security
  • Optimal network coverage through multi-network roaming SIM cards
  • Comprehensive services (e.g. logistics, support)
  • Development of customer-specific solutions
  • Years of experience as an telemedicine service provider for doctors, clinics, health care providers and clinical research organisations

The relevant requirements for designing healthcare projects or implementing telemedicine products for everyday use in practices and hospitals vary widely. In light of this, telemedicine solutions are modular in structure, with an offering that encompasses hardware, data management, software, coaching, and service packages This modular approach means we can supply you with just the services you need for your projects. The excellent interoperability of our solutions also makes it possible to integrate them with the components you already use (e.g. existing patient software).

Hardware – measurement of all standard vital signs

Different monitors can be used to record different vital signs depending on the underlying clinical picture. We give you the tools to measure all standard vital signs with a single product, so you don’t need an armoury of different standalone solutions. Future monitors can also be integrated at your request, to create a single, straightforward system that significantly lightens the workload.


Data Management

For telemedicine solutions to be effective, it is crucial that the chosen technologies are secure, reliable, and user-friendly. With this in mind, we have integrated all vital signs in one standard complete system. Your patients’ measurement data is transmitted completely anonymously, secured by the eConnect transmission modem or by GSM network modules that are integrated into monitors which are certified as medical products.

Together the gateway server medical products form the core of the complete solution. The powerful, fail-safe gateway server processes your patients’ vital data while adhering to the strictest security standards, and transmits the data encrypted and anonymously to software applications or to the existing database solution.

Stay on the safe side with our telemedicine solutions.

Service package

The time needed to configure, prepare, and handle the logistics of introducing telemedicine devices often represents a considerable hurdle. We can help overcome this, and guarantee that your projects run smoothly by means of proven processes.

  • Logistics (shipping and collection)
  • Device configuration and final function tests
  • SIM card management
  • Refreshing and storing devices
  • Tailored support services
  • Free replacement of eHealth sets in the event of a service claim.

Looking for the perfect telemedicine solution to reduce your workload and to improve medical care? As an expert partner and telemedicine service provider, we provide you with comprehensive advice on how to integrate telemedicine solutions into your everyday practice, clinic, and project routines.


The benefits are:

  • Expert telemedicine service provider
  • Professional advice
  • Coordination of tailored modifications to hardware, software, interfaces, processes, and other relevant documents
  • Solution implementation
  • Extensive training

Alongside improvements in medical care, the use of solutions can offer significant cost savings for the health care professional and health insurance companies.


Chronic heart disease is one of the most widespread internal diseases in the industrial world. It involves multiple visits to the doctor, and is also the most-frequently cited reason for hospital stays in Ireland; the disease clearly exerts a heavy load on the patient and also entails considerable healthcare costs.

The care situation can generally be greatly improved through the use of telemedicine solutions for targeted weight monitoring. Along with a significant reduction in mortality rates, the hospitalisation rate can also be appreciably lowered, leading to improved quality of life for the patient and significantly reduced treatment costs.

Our Telemedicine solutions include:


ABPM Blood Pressure Monitor

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ABPM Blood Pressure Monitor

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