Hypafix Bsn 10 cm x 10 m, 1 Pcs

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An air permeating, non-woven polyester adhesive tape. Easy to apply.

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The BSN Hypafix Fixation Dressing is an adhesive, non-woven fabric that consists of a white nonwoven polyester substrate coated with a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive, providing secure and reliable dressing retention.

The BSN Hypafix Fixation Dressing combines security with comfort, and is highly conformable, which makes it ideally suited to areas that are particularly mobile such as joints or awkward  body contours.

It is a strong, hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive that provides reliable fixation for catheters and drainage tubes. It also allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement.

The BSN Hypafix Fixation Dressing features a grid pattern printed on the release paper as cutting guide. The integrated split liner in the release paper eases the application, and the soft and stretchy material allows the patient greater freedom of movement.

The BSN Hypafix Fixation Dressing can be used in patello-femoral taping and as a retention bandage. It is suitable for wide areas, and can be cut to shape or size required, so that it can eliminate wastage.

The BSN Hypafix Fixation Dressing is also permeable to water vapour, making it less likely to be adversely affected by sweating, while also reducing the risk of maceration.

Size: 5cm x 10m.


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