Baby Thermometer – Smart Temperature Monitor & Sleep Position Detector

Children’s  Thermometer (Pediatric)  that is reliable and accurate. 

Thermometer Monitoring wherever you are.
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Remote Temperature Monitoring


Remote & continuous monitoring of the baby’s temperature and sleeping position.

Protect Your Baby’s Position in the Cot

Tucky helps monitor the baby’s sleeping position.  It detects reversals, and then warns the parents.  This function ensures that the infant remains in the position recommended by pediatricians. Tucky sends an alert when he/she rolls on the stomach.

Baby Monitor

Benign fever or risk infection? Tucky helps you react well!

In the form of a comfortable, thin and flexible patch, Tucky is placed under the right armpit and allows you to monitor continuously and remotely evolution of the temperature with peace of mind.

If there is a significant increase in temperature, you will be immediately notified by an fever alert on your smartphone.


No Distance Limit

Follow the evolution of the temperature wherever you are!

Fever can be monitored either at home (5-10m through Bluetooth) or remotely (at work) via internet on a 2nd smartphone (secured cloud data synchronization ).

Beyond that, you use the relay mode which allows you to access data in real time (health cloud synchronization).

Fever is under control in all situations!

24 Hour Thermometer

An Intuitive App

  • Multi profiles
  • Multi devices
  • Data history
  • Curve / timeline views Health book..

 Temperature Monitoring 

  • Fever alert:
    In case of peak temperature (threshold adjustable), Tucky send an alert on your smartphone.
  • Health record:
    Information can be manually added to profile, such as time of medication, time of bed, etc.
  • Multi profile:
    Profiles are created for each user, each retaining their history and their own settings

A Secured Medical Device

  • Very Low Emission of Waves – Tucky emits only 0.05% of the time via “Bluetooth Low Energy”, with a transmission power 1000x lower than a smartphone.
  • Certified Medical – Tucky is a Class IIA medical device, whose certification has been issued by a European Notified Body. It has been designed in France by teams certified EN / ISO 13485.
  • Flexible and Gentle For The Child – Consisting exclusively of biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials, Tucky and its adhesives have been designed to respect the sensitive skin.
  • Secured Data – Health data is automatically synchronized and protected on a secure health cloud with the French HADS (Authorized Hosting of Health Data) certification.

A Complete Thermometer

– Flexible, comfortable, hypoallergenic
– Medical certification, accuracy 0,2 0,2°C
– Ultra low wave emission (250x lower than a baby phone)
– Rechargeable (autonomy > 5)

Lucky Thermometer

Overview of the features and benefits: 

  • Easy to install, flexible and light weight, Tucky is both a wearable thermometer and a position monitor. It is placed under the armpit by applying a double-sided hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • It measures continuously the temperature without disturbing the child nor the parents and keeps track of the data.
  • It enables to monitor remotely with no range limit, via the App, thanks to healthcare data hosting synchronization.
  • It brings comfort and peace of mind thanks to the fever alert. Set by default at 38,4°C, the threshold is adjustable for each child.
  • Tucky also monitors the sleeping position of new born babies and sends an alert when he/she rolls on the stomach. Your nights are more peaceful.

Tucky box & adhesive refill kit

Tucky box includes

  • 1 thermometer
  • 5 adhesives
  • 1 USB recharge cable
  • 1 manual
  • Adhesive refill kit x 15 (ref=ADH 21)


  • ”We used this recently for our 7-month-old who had covid and got a high temperature. It was so easy to setup and was reassuring to be able to keep an eye on his temperature through the night. Would highly recommend this product to any parent.” -Aidan Spence

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Baby Thermometer – Smart Temperature Monitor & Sleep Position Detector
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