Libr-O-Graph – Your Bluetooth Scale!


Libr-O-Graph® – The Communication Scale

• Highest Measurement Accuracy
• Bluetooth Data Transfer
• Sophisticated Design

The device and its measurement method:

In telemetric weight monitoring, the patient measures his/her body weight daily for a defined period.  After measurement, the measured values are automatically transferred from the Libr-O-Graph® via Bluetooth to the modem (BT terminal) or smartphone and are forwarded from there to a secure database.


Libr-O-Graph Bluetooth Scale

The product benefits:

Maximum measurement accuracy with four electronic measuring sensors
Bluetooth Data Transfer
Sophisticated Design
Approved as a medical product
Washable, hygienic surface
Weight measurement up to 250kg
Secure transmission of data from Libr-O-Graph® to the database with no data loss

The clinical benefits:

  • Simple and convenient body weight progress monitoring
  • Prevention of (re-)hospitalisation for heart failure through improved treatment adherence and compliance
  • Supports sport and health programs

The long battery life and the high measurement accuracy make the Libr-O-Graph® a reliable partner in

Technical Data:

  • Resolution (d): smallest weight value that can be read: 100 / 0.22 g / lb
  • Measurement range: 10 – 250 kg
  • TAP ON – Technology
  • Red LED display
  • Height: 38 mm
  • Selector: Kg / Lb

Bluetooth Communication Interface:

  • Cable-free transfer up to 100 m (BT Class 1)
  • Battery capacity: 1000 Measurements
  • Communication Media: Mobile phone or BT Terminal (GSM-Technology)
  • Optional: MFI-Technology(made for IPhone)

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