Curaprox Cs3960 Supersoft Toothbrush


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CS 3960 super soft CURAPROX toothbrushes not only prevent brushing damage, but also break up and remove plaque perfectly.
A SuperSoft toothbrush that’s kind on gums, but ruthlessly effective on plaque, leaving you with a uniquely clean feel after each and every brush.

This brush has 3960 individual, ultra-fine filaments, ensuring a soft, gentle brush. Recommended by dental professionals the world over, this brush will change your brushing habits forever. In a range of cheerful, colours, this brush has a clever octagonal handle that ensures you can clean at the right angle for you. The CS3960 also has a compact, easy-to-angle head to ensure you can reach every nook and cranny, ensuring a flawless clean every time.

  • 3,960 CUREN® filaments
  • 12 mm in diameter

Important: Toothbrush colours will vary.

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What makes the Curaprox CS3960 Brush so good?

The bristles of the Curaprox CS3960 is what makes it a market-leading brush. In fact, at just 0.1 millimetres diameter, and rounded at the tip, we wouldn’t call them bristles. They’re more like filaments. We don’t use Nylon for our filaments, but rather Curen, which makes them incredibly effective.

A lot of toothbrushes have around 1000 bristles. The CS3960 has 3960 filaments, all densely packed together. This creates a cleaning surface like no other. Plaque’s greatest adversary, the Curaprox CS3960!

The truth about brushing is that it’s not all about the teeth. It’s also imperative to care for your gum line and what’s referred to as the Sulcus.  This is the fine groove between your teeth and gums. A real breeding ground for bacteria and a potential problem area.  This is another area where CS3960 come into its own. The fine filaments ensure we can gently and effectively clean this area without causing any injury to the gum line.

Product Description:

  • Single Toothbrush
  • Colour May Vary
  • 3960 CUREN® filaments in every brush! Each 0.1mm in diameter