Spiroconnect One Way Disposable Mouthpieces Pack of 100

19.99 ex VAT


One Way Adult Disposable Mouthpieces suitable for use with most leading brands of spirometers and peak flow meters, including Micro Medical and Carefusion units. These single-use spirometer mouthpieces help protect patients from cross infection.

Used correctly, one way mouthpieces will help to ensure accurate readings and prolong the life of your spirometry equipment. A standard 30mm diameter ensures compatibility with all leading brands of spirometers and peak flow meters and the high quality wax coating prevents mouthpieces sticking to patients mouth during spirometry test.

Compatible with:

  • SpiroConnect
  • CareFusion SpiroUSB
  • CareFusion MicroLab/MicroLoop
  • Easy On-PC (Spirette M Adaptorrequired)
  • Vitalograph range