1 x 7 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit

  • Fast and user-friendly drug test kit with results available within minutes.
  • Over %99 accurate.
  • CE certified

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This 7-panel urine drug testing kits are made for GP drug testing, sport’s clubs, home drug testing, self screen drug testing, workplace drug test kits etc.  They are certified quality, CE certified and are over 99% accurate.

This is a Beright brand from the Alltests company.

This 7-in-1 drug testing multi-panel urine drug test kit detects the presence of the following drugs:

  • THC Cannabis (50ng) Marijuana, weed, pot, grass, hash etc 5-30 days
  • COC Cocaine (300ng) and Crack Cocaine 3-5 days
  • KET Ketamine (1000ng) 3-5 days
  • AMP Amphetamine (1000ng) or Speed detectable up to 5 days
  • LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (10ng)
  • MDMA Ecstasy (500ng) in urine for 3-5 days after last use
  • BZO Benzodiazepines(300ng) encompassing sedatives and tranquilizers detectable within 5-30 days.

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CE Certification

Declaration of Conformity

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1 x 7 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit
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