Multicheck Pro Uric Acid Sensors (25)

Lifetouch Multicheck PRO Sensors
Evaluation of cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and uric acid levels measured.
  • Blood Glucose Sensors
  • Uric Acid Sensors
  • Cholesterol sensors


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Lifetouch Multicheck Pro – Uric Acid Sensors

With the Lifetouch Multicheck Pro Uric Acid Sensors you can immediately determine the value of the uric acid level. To determine the uric acid value, a drop of blood is swabbed on the sensor. The Lifetouch Multicheck Pro meter calculates the uric acid value within five seconds. The uric acid sensors of the Multicheck Pro meter have been firmly established on the market for years. In addition to measuring uric acid levels, the Multicheck Pro meter can also measure blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.


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Multicheck Pro Uric Acid Sensors (25)
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