Accutrend Cholesterol Test-Strips

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For the determination of cholesterol.

Accutrend Cholesterol Test strips (25)

Accutrend Cholesterol teststrips are used with the Accutrend Plus meter.
General practitioners use the Accutrend Plus meter because it is a reliable method to frequently check your cholesterol level at home.


For the determination of cholesterol

Who should check their cholesterol level frequently
1. People with:
– Diabetes mellitus
– Hypertension
– Familial hypercholesterolemia (a syndrome acquired at birth due to a high level of cholesterol in the blood)
– Cardiovascular diseases at a young age (lower than 60)
2. People who:
– Smoke
– Have an unhealthy diet containing a lot of unsaturated fats
– Are obese
– Drink excessive amounts of alcohol
– Do not exercise
These people also have a high risk of cardiovascular disease. A high level of cholesterol is a known risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.