FFP2 Masks (10) NanoFiber – Black

  • NanoFiber Masks that are Anti-fog! Prevents foggy frames.
  • Makes breathing easier than standard masks.
  • CE Approved
  • 4 Layers


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Anti-Fog & High Filtration

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Key Features of FFP2 Nanofiber Mask:

  • Anti-fog! Prevents foggy frames.
  • Makes breathing easier than standard masks.
  • Tested and approved according to CE standards
  • 4 Layers
  • Special imported Nanofiber filter provides more protection than conventional filters. This mask is produced with nanotechnology.
  • Nanofibers have multifunctional properties such as good filtration, high surface area, comfortable and high air permeability, small fiber diameter and thin layers. These fabrics filter toxic gases, pathogens (bacteria, viruses), and harmful substances in the air.
  • Water, dust, and airtight. (Comfortable use in rainy weather!)
  • There is an adjustable nose clip.
  • Ergonomic 4D dimensional design; It completely covers the chin from the nose, and thanks to its adhesion structure, it effectively prevents the inhalation of fine dust, and shows high stability when using it
  • Provides UV-C Sterilization.
  • Provides protection up to 99% at 0.1 microns against viruses, bacteria, and dust particles.
  • Offers easy transportation thanks to its single sterile packaging.
  • Does not contain carcinogens in its paint and fabric.
  • Does not contain latex, paraben, and nylon.

ffp2 mask

ffp2 mask

All maintenance-free dust respirators that are placed on the European market must be approved according to the requirements of the European Personal Protective Equipment Directive REG. EC / 425 / 2016.


  • EN 149 : 2001 + A1 : 2009
  • REGULATION (EU) 2016 / 425
  • ISO 13485 : 2016

Intended use: These particulate respirators are designed to protect against solid and non-volatile liquid particles.

Classification: There are three equipment classes : FFP1 /FFP2 /FFP3 ( see marking on box and on mask ). For the disposable folded Respirator marked “NR” representing Non-Reusable and shall be disposed after one shift.

Approvals: These respirators are tested by SGS institution, and audited by MNA LABORATORIES IND. TRADE. CO. LTD. These respirators are CE marked in accordance with the requirements of European Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The applicable legistraion can be determined by reviewing the certificate and Declaration of Conformity when requested.

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Fitting Instructions:

  • 1. Hold the disposable folded respirator in position over the nose and mouth.
  • 2. Pull the straps behind to ears, attach the straps to the retaining dip, improve comfort and prevent leakage
  • 3. Ensure the nose clip is securely moulded around the nose, resting the ends against the cheek to obtain a good seal.
  • 4. To check for proper fit, cup both hands over the mask and exhale vigorously. If air leaks around the nose, tighten the nose clip, if air leaks
  • around the edge, reposition the straps for better fit.
  • 5. Repeat adjustments until the mask is sealed properly.
  • 6. If a proper seal cannot be achieved do not enter the contaiminated area or it may cause illness.







Nanofiber-Based Face Masks and Respirators as COVID-19 Protection: A Review

Benefits Of Nanofiber Fabric & Masks


1. Store in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Storage temperature should be between -30 °C to +40 °C.

3. Storage humidity should be less than 80%.

4. When storing or transporting this respirator, use original packaging provided.

5. Do not store in direct sunlight.

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FFP2 Masks (10) NanoFiber – Black
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