Seca 869 Digital Flat Scale with Remote Display

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SECA 869 Digital Flat Scales with remote cable display.


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The SECA 869 flat scale features an easy-to-read, fully adjustable remote display connected to a large 28cm x 27cm sturdy base. The remote display can be easily attached to a wall or mounted to a desk and can be easily switched between kilogrammes (kg) and pounds (lb).

Featuring BMI for nutritional conditions, HOLD to keep measurements displayed and TARE for weighing small children in an adults arms, the SECA 869 scales are ideal for gyms health clubs or personal use.Includes 6 x AA batteries for up to 10,000 weighings.

Main Features

  • Capacity: 250 kg
  • Graduation: 0.2 lbs < 330 lbs > 0.5 lbs / 100 g < 150 kg > 200g
  • Remote display ideal for desk, wall mounting or handheld
  • TARE functionality for weighing small children
  • 2 year warranty

Please note:The SECA 869 scales are not Class III Approved and therefore not suitable for clinical use.

Eliminate Weight Documentation Errors and Alleviate the Burden from Clinical Staff & Pharmacy Departments