Medipal 3-In-1 Alcohol-Free Wipes Refill x 240 Wipes

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  • Medipal® 3-in-1 has been developed in response to a growing clinical need for a single cleaning & disinfectant wipe that is effective against a wider range of pathogens including spores.
  • It uses a new, high specification combination chemistry, effectively blending two disinfectant compounds, DDAC  and Triamine, to produce a highly efficacious, broad-spectrum disinfectant.
  • Medipal® 3-in-1 Disinfectant wipes are alcohol-free and intended for cleaning and disinfecting non-porous hard surfaces, equipment and non-invasive medical devices within the healthcare environments.
  • Medipal® 3-in-1 Disinfectant wipes are proven to kill most microorganisms such as spores, bacteria, viruses & yeasts.
  • The wipes have been independently tested to a range of European standards (EN) including the new European test EN16615:2015 (4-field test).