WHITE NITRILE GLOVES Case of 1000 Small size


White Nitrile Gloves

  • Powder free
  • Allergy free
  • Stronger premium gloves
  • Medical graded examination gloves

The powder free white nitrile glove offers good comfort, dexterity and flexibility, while the puncture-resistant material suits work where a needle is involved, like medical applications.  Stronger premium glove that offers excellent performance and better puncture resistance.

Case quantity:1,000
Case breakdown:10 x 100
Sizes available: S, M, L


White Nitrile Powder freeSafeTouchGloves

Being powder-free also means less risk of dust contamination with these gloves, and a beaded cuff doesnt just provide extra strength; it also helps make this an easy glove for taking off and putting on. The white colour of this product makes it particularly popular in areas of work where its important to see any stains and their colours, like blood, for example in pathology.

  • Made using Nitrile Butadiene for excellent performance and flexibility and better puncture resistance than latex or vinyl
  • Tear and chemical resistant and made in accordance with EN 455 1/2/3 and EN 374 1/2/3
  • Powder-free for minimal dust contamination
  • 5-year shelf life is longer than most comparable gloves
  • Medical graded examination gloves AQL 1.5

For tasks where grip and steadiness is crucial, the textured fingertips on these gloves make a real difference, giving additional peace of mind in what can often be pressured situations.


These gloves are made using nitrile butadiene, which is a synthetic rubber, therefore removing the natural protein that causes the latex allergy. Therefore, if you are concerned about allergies from using latex gloves, our SafeTouch nitrile gloves make the perfect alternative. Still offering superb comfort and flexibility, these gloves should not irritate the skin even if you are prone to allergic reactions. The high-quality material chosen is very resistant to punctures, giving you added peace of mind and allowing you more scope when it comes to more challenging or physical tasks. Their resistance to puncturing and chemicals is also superb, making them a highly versatile choice and a great all-rounder. Textured fingertips add grip, and the powder-free construction helps minimise dust contamination. Scroll back up and order today to avail of the great savings!


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