Medical Trolley With Drawers

Introducing the Schmitz Medical Trolley Cart: designed for efficiency and safety. Easily organize supplies with adaptable drawers. Choose your height preference for tailored use. Innovative locks and wall-protecting wheels ensure security. Hidden slides and antimicrobial coating promote hygiene. Upgrade to Schmitz for streamlined workflow and cleanliness.


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A versatile Medical Trolley Cart, designed to streamline healthcare facility operations. This robust and ergonomic solution combines the functionality of a surgical trolley and a medication cart in one. With ample storage space, including drawers, it’s perfect for organizing medical supplies and medications efficiently. Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, this medical cart ensures mobility and easy maneuverability throughout any facility.

Key Features

  • Practical design
  • The drawers can be fitted with one full-size ISO module or two half-size ISO modules.
  • ISO trolley models with a height of 850 mm or 1,070 mm, tailored to your processes
  • For unequalled flexibility: ISO trolleys 850 mm high can be fitted with up to 8 full-size or 16 half-size ISO modules; ISO trolleys 1,070 mm high can be fitted with up to 11 full-size or 22 half-size ISO modules.
  • An overview of the drawer layout options for full-size and half-size ISO modules can be found on page 51.
  • Easy exchange of modules for fast replenishment of ISO trolleys.
  • The modules can be removed without tilting or tipping.
  • All ISO module drawers have recessed grips, making it much easier to remove the modules.
  • Take safety and security even further!
  • Innovative lock designs with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Wall protecting wheels protect the trolleys, furniture and the walls from damage
  • Closed double easy-roll ball-bearing castors, non-contact marking and abrasion-free quality. Easy-to-manoeuvre, silent ISO trolleys.
  • Hidden drawer slides and full pullout function for optimal hygiene
  • Drawers with automatic pull-in function and Airmatic shock absorber system.
  • Easy to remove front makes cleaning simple
  • Germs stand no chance! The special antimicrobial coating fights any local germs effectively, leaving them no place to spread.

ISO Trolley as ISO trolley 260.0031.0, however with 1 x drawer for modules of max. 50 mm height, 3 x drawers for modules of max. 100 mm height and 1 x drawer for modules of max. 200 mm height. Modules not included.

Modules not included.

SCHMITZ’s market-leading ISO trolleys offer the perfect assistance for everyday clinical practice. Hardwearing and flexible – varimed® ISO trolleys are used in almost every German clinic.

Optimal organisation

A customised range of options ensures systems perfectly tailored to your structures – we organise your workplace.

High flexibility

Different heights, different drawer configurations, full-size or half-size ISO modules – the SCHMITZ ISO trolley adapts to your daily work processes.

Hygiene taken a step further

Removable drawer panels and closed surfaces enable rapid, complete and simple cleaning – a cleaning standard redefined by SCHMITZ.

Perfect hygiene standard

Nearly complete elimination of germs thanks to antimicrobial coatings – no chance for multidrug-resistant pathogens.

As individual as your requirements

Colour and configuration concept guarantees ideally matched design options.

Antimicrobial coating

The antimicrobial coating ensures effective and long-lasting reduction of bacteria, mould and fungi colonisation. Because of the antimicrobial coating, certain germs are reduced to up to 80% after 15 min and up to 99% within the first two hours. It inhibits growth of a wide spectrum of microorganisms:

  • MRSA
  • E.coli
  • Salmonella
  • Legionella
  • Aspergillus Niger

The anti-microbial coating has been tested to ISO 22196:2011 to substantiate the reduction of microbes. Only coatings with a minimum reduction of 95% are approved.

Please view the Schmitz ISO Trolley Brochure here.

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Medical Trolley With Drawers
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