Seca mVSA 535 Wireless Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor- NIBP/ Pulse/ SpO2, G3 Tympanic Temp

Seca mVSA 535 spot-check monitor is exactly what you need. It simplifies and quickens the routine task of capturing patient vitals (blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and SpO2) in less than 60 seconds and sends all date directly to your EMR system.

** Seca mBCA 535 must be purchased with the seca 115 software license.


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Spot Check Monitor

seca mVSA 535

Acquiring patient’s vitals is a routine task, performed on almost every patient. The seca mVSA 535 was designed to make this task as easy and efficient as possible. Staff at any level can operate the spot-check monitor due to its intuitive touch screen and self-explanatory user interface. The vitals capture is simple and fully validated for HL7 and many EMR systems. Connectivity to seca scales and measuring stations due to seca 360° proximity is also a plus as well as the unique seca EQ BP™ technology. The seca mVSA fits perfectly into your existing workflows and frees up time and resources to improve patient care.

Key Features:

  • Easy to operate spot-check monitor to capture all basic routine patient vitals in less than 60 seconds
  • Quick and accurate blood pressure measurement in under 20 seconds
  • Configurable seca EQ BP™ average mode (BP30) provides true screening of hypertension
  • seca scale connectivity through seca 360° proximity: One integration interface for all seca devices
  • World-class service program with no downtime
  • Long lasting battery for up to 150 measurements on one single charge
  • Convincing data storage: All measurements stored and available for later processing
  • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer

seca mvsa 535

The seca mVSA 535 is the world’s first spot-check monitor that combines the conventional measurement of vital signs with a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). In one step you can measure:

Four vital signs

    • NIBP
    • SpO2
    • Pulse rate
    • Temperature

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

    • Fat Mass
    • Muscle mass
    • Body water
    • Phase angle

You can now measure more parameters in a routine check and broaden your diagnostic and therapeutic options through the combined determination of BIA and vital signs. The high-performance software communicates with any network and guarantees the error-free transmission of all measurement values to your EMR system. Our integration service will individually integrate the system into your IT infrastructure as needed and thereby optimize your daily routine measurements. The seca mVSA is part of the seca 360° wireless product range and guarantees the automatic transmission of height and weight from compatible scales and length measuring systems to the device. The BMI is always automatically calculated along with this.

Spot-check-monitor for better health status evaluation

The seca mVSA offers one-of-a-kind medical options because the compact device combines many different measurement functions. In addition to the variety of measurement values, it is the combination of options of vital parameters and measurement values from the bioelectrical impedance analysis in particular that lead to a new and more comprehensive medical understanding.

Blood pressure
Blood pressure can be determined particularly quickly and gently using the inflation measurement method. Incorrectly positioned cuffs are automatically detected.

Temperature can be measured in-ear or using a temperature probe (oral/axial/rectal). Both solutions have been tested and are in use worldwide. Probe covers included in delivery.

Pulse rate
The patient’s pulse rate is always measured at the same time. With blood pressure measurement and with pulse oximeter.

Reusable standard sensors and easy-to-disinfect soft sensors made of silicone as well as hard clips are available for seca SpO2.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis
The complete body composition analysis of fat, water, and muscle components together with the vital parameters can be quickly carried out and offers a unique advantage for diagnoses and therapy evaluations

Many decisive benefits for your everyday medical work:

1. Medically precise measurements – Validated against the medical science gold standard.*
2. Health status – Determine and monitor of the body’s functional status as well as metabolism.
3. Quick examination – A complete body analysis takes just a few seconds.
4. Diagnostic support – Identify and treat symptoms early.
5. Courses of therapy

A large measurement value memory enables the comparison of many measurements for patient therapy monitoring.

The seca mVSA fits perfectly with the seca 360° wireless product range because the previously determined weight value can be transmitted directly to the device.
This guarantees a paperless and error-free transmission of measurement values.

Just like height, weight can also be transmitted directly to the seca mVSA with seca 360° wireless products. This optimizes the workflow and eliminates transmission errors.

The measured BMI provides an initial health orientation for the relationship between height and bodyweight.

Medically precise. Modular. Versatile.

As if made for you.

As a special feature we offer a modular design principle for this product range. That means that you can put together your desired configuration according to your specific requirements and furnish it with the modules that are essential for your work. seca offers the spot-check-monitor with the bioelectrical impedance analysis function in many interesting configurations as a one-of-a-kind device worldwide. An update for the seca mBCA 525 is also possible across all product ranges.


  • NIBP


  • seca SpO2 technology
  • In-ear thermometer or oral/axial, rectal temperature probe
  • seca 531 BIA measuring mat


  • seca 475 rolling stand
  • seca 476 bucket holder
  • seca 477 receptacle

seca mvsa 535

One step ahead of the future:

Direct integration of height and weight.

The future of medical technology lies in the direct integration of all relevant patient information. We developed seca 360° wireless for precisely this purpose. Once networked, height and weight are transferred to the seca mVSA and to your digital medical record. This eliminates potential sources of error, saves time, and makes you more efficient.

Decisive benefits of medicine

    • Wireless communication instead of cable connections.
    • seca’s own secure wireless protocol to simplify and quickly logging in the devices in the seca 360° wireless network.
    • Spatially flexible setup of the system components through a high radio range.
    • Paperless and error-free measured value transmission.
    • seca analytics 115 PC software for diagnostic support for a in-depth assessment of the state of health and nutrition of the patient.
    • Graphical representation of the measured values and their comparison with standard values – clearly presented on a one-page report.

Vital Signs Monitor

seca makes integration totally easy for you

because we want you to be able to work more effectively.

Not only is the measurement of the vital parameters of many different patients time-consuming, but transferring that information into health files by hand is also a great source of error. This is precisely where seca’s integration service comes in because it first ensures the communication of your systems. Previous height and weight measurements can thereby be sent directly to the seca mVSA and used there, for example. After scanning the patient ID and performing your routine measurements with the seca mVSA, you can then send all of the vital signs as well as the measured BIA parameters directly to your EMR system. seca’s integration service will make sure that you have error-free data transmission.

What we do to make sure your data are secure:

  • The interface integration is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 62304
  • Creation of a software development plan and a risk analysis
  • The implementation is carried out according to your desired functions
  • Your interface is verified and validated for the acceptance report

mVSA Seca

Our innovative products seca mBCA and seca mVSA can do a lot. You will also receive the seca analytics 115 PC software so that you can exploit its full potential. For it is only with this comprehensive tool that you can follow the course of development of your patient’s values across multiple measurements. And the software offers even more.

seca analytics 115

Understandable results are the best foundation for a good consultation.

The seca analytics 115 PC software adds many new functions to the seca mBCA and the new seca mVSA. With their help the data and measurement values can be entered into nearly any electronic medical record (EMR) system and prepared as a concise patient printout the for comprehensive consultation.

It also offers the additional module Cardiometabolic Risk, a therapy planner for dieting, and the option to individually compile and print out a patient’s examination results as needed. It is a valuable aid in the patient consultation.

    • Concise: All results are now available on a configurable printout.
    • Clear: The clear structure of the graphics and tables makes them easy to understand and makes it easier for doctors to discuss diagnoses or therapies.
    • Strong: Output of the total muscle mass as well as the individual muscle mass of all extremities
    • Informative: Depiction of the phase angle over time in order to predict health risks.
    • Fast: Direct print function at the push of a button (seca analytics 115)

With so much information, a clear and understandable overview helps. Simplify your work and print out an understandable analysis overview with a click. One printout for your patient, a great timesaver for you.

Other benefits of seca analytics 115 at a glance:

  • Display courses of therapy and control therapies
    Save the results of regular measurements and observe how certain values of your patient develop over the course of time. This will enable you to monitor the success of therapy or react to unexpected developments.
  • Compatible with your system
    Transfer data smoothly to your EMR system via CSV file, GDT, HL7, or XML format.
  • Save the data how you want
    Each workstation has its own requirements. You can therefore transfer the measurement data via USB stick, cable, or radio transmission.
  • One seca mBCA for multiple workstations
    With additional software licenses you can access the measurement results of a single seca mBCA or seca mVSA from multiple PCs.
  • Quick access to patient data
    Quickly upload patient data to the seca mBCA or the seca mVSA – enter it directly using the touchscreen display or upload it from your PC or via a barcode scanner connected to the USB port.
  • Scientifically sound
    The seca mVSA and the PC software seca analytics 115 take latest scientific reference points into account for the analysis and interpretation of the measured results.

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Seca mVSA 535 Wireless Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor- NIBP/ Pulse/ SpO2, G3 Tympanic Temp
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