A&D Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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The UA-651BLE is the 4th generation of the range of A&D telehealth blood pressure monitors, and is designed for the home user as part of the ‘wellness connected™’ family of products and free app, A&D Connect.

  • 4th generation of the A&D blood pressure monitor telehealth range
  • Bluetooth® Version 4.0LE/ Bluetooth® Smart communication (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Continua™ Certified – to ensure interoperability
  • Compatible with UC-352BLE scales and UT-201BLE thermometer
  • A&D’s Slimfit™ Cuff – latex and metal free, covering 22-32cm
  • 2nd generation IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) Indicator / AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) Screening
  • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
  • Internal 30-memory + Average Reading
  • ESH Clinical Validation

The UA-651 is the 4th generation of the range of UA-767 telehealth blood pressure monitors and is designed for the home user as part of the ‘wellness connected™’ family of products and free app, A&D Connect.

The home-use blood pressure monitor (UA-651BLE), scale (UC-352BLE), and digital thermometer (UT-201BLE) are available with Bluetooth® Smart, also known as Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, to give home users a seamless connection between these monitoring devices and an Access Point (e.g. smartphone, tablet, personal computer, home hub, printer, modem, etc.).

With the convenience of these three products, A&D offers a simple way for people to collect and transmit data to your GP or other family members, for immediate access to critical results.

With A&D’s ‘wellness connected™’ family of products and free app, A&D Connect, you are able to easily use a blood pressure monitor, personal scale or digital thermometer throughout your home and upload the data almost instantly – taking ownership of your personal health.

It benefits from A&D’s 2nd generation IHB technology, which detects an Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) – shown by icons. This enables you to see how often IHB/AFib has been detected – if detected frequently, you should consult your Doctor/GP for further advice.

This IHB/AFib function is not to be used for diagnosis, but for monitoring purposes only. IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) / AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) technology was first pioneered by A&D in 2001 and can now be found on entire range of blood pressure monitors. This A&D groundbreaking technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias – which include AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

The monitor also benefits from extremely accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, first developed and patented by A&D back in 1984.

Measurement Accuracy

Pressure: ±3 mmHg

Pulse: ±5 %

Clinical Test

European Society of Hypertension Protocol

Cuff Size

Medium (9-14.6”)

Unit Dimensions (WxDxH, inches)

3.8″ x 5.1″ x 2.7″

Weight (Lbs)

1.52 Lbs

Number of users

Single user monitor interface, but multiple users via the A&D Heart Track App


30 offline, unlimited via A&D Heart Track App

Measurement Range


20 – 280 mmHg

Systolic Pressure

60 – 279 mmHg

Diastolic Pressure

40 – 200 mmHg


40 – 180 beats /min

Power Supply

4 x 1.5V batteries AA or AC adapter (TB:233 – sold separately)

Number of Measurements (battery)

700 measurements

Wireless Communication

Bluetooth Ver. 4.0LE BLP


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