Cuff Barrier- Cotton Sleeves (50Pcs)

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These Blood Pressure Cuff Barriers provide an effective, convenient way to minimize the risk of transmitting infections. Barriers are placed between the skin and blood pressure cuff to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Designed to be quick and easy to remove and replace.

Disposable barriers save time on cleaning and disinfecting your cuff after each use.

The pack of 50 disposable cotton sleeve cuff barriers can be used with ABPM, digital and manual blood pressure cuff and device. For use with any blood pressure cuff they are thin enough not to affect measurements and provide hygienic protection for all of your blood pressure cuffs.

Packet of 50 Disposable cotton sleeves for blood pressure cuffs. The cotton sleeves can be worn underneath the blood pressure cuff to improve patient comfort and hygiene


BP Cuff as a Potential Carrier of Bacteria

Pathogen transmission from blood pressure cuffs

99.9% bacteria pass-through protection
Cost-effective hygiene

Applies in seconds
Will not alter readings
Reduces cleanup of blood pressure cuff

Soft tissue against skin
For use on arms or legs