The Medium Concentration Mask (MC) is a small capacity variable performance mask. At a flow rate of 6-8 litres/minute, the MC Mask delivers an oxygen concentration of 40% to 50% depending on the patient's breathing rate and tidal volume.

Easy Fit with Good Seal
The soft, pliable mask moulds easily to the patient's face and feather-edge rim offer excellent fit and maximum patient comfort.

Reduced Eye Irritation
The angled O2 Inlet directs oxygen into the nostrils, not upwards towards the eyes.

Clear Observation of Face Colour and Vital Signs
The clear and colourless mask for accurate visual checking of the patient's status.

Eliminate Risk of Patient Injury
The design of the plastic nose bridge eliminates the need for a metal nose bridge, thus eliminating the risk of injury to patients, especially children.

Patient Comfort
The knitted latex free strap maintains its width when stretched and reduces pressure on patients' skin and helps protect from pressure sores.
Stepped Oxygen Inlet
Ensures easy and secure connection to oxygen tubing.

Swivel Connector
The connector can be rotated to the most convenient and comfortable position for the patient.