Suction Pro Professional Aspirator

580.49 ex VAT


  • Twin piston compressor unit gives high performance and reliability
  • 1000cc suction bottle, fully autoclavable
  • Suction control from 0-65mm Hg/ to -.8 bar
  • Robust construction with all metal casing
  • Includes anti-bacterial filter, as required by regulations
  • Carrying handle for ease of transportation
  • Reduced vibration and increased power from twin piston motor
  • Ideal for use in home, nursing and emergency environments
  • Continuous use and maintenance free
  • 22 Litres/MIN flow rate
  • Weight 3.5kgs
  • Dimensions H200xW280xD210
  • Comes complete with disposable inner liner (5)



The Suction Pro model is a professional surgical aspirator, for medical and surgical use. Suitable for use in health care facilities such as hospitals, for home care and for pharyngeal suctioning. In compliance with ISO 10079-1 Standard.
The metal housing ensures robustness during heavy duty. The two cylinder pump generates a real and tested flow of 23 LPM.
The patented ASPICOMFORT system allows a fine control of the suction level. The vacuum regulator knob permits to adjust the vacuum level shown on the gauge without impairing the flow and thus ensuring the best possible comfort to the patient during treatment.
It comes with a one-litre graduated PC bottle and silicone connection tubes can be sterilised for optimum hygiene. It fits a hydrophobic antibacterial high efficiency filter.