Sonosite M-Turbo

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The M-Turbo® ultrasound system offers striking image quality. Because the more you can see, the more you can do for your patients.

• Premium image quality
• Drop tested at 3 feet/91.4 cm
• Splash resistant user interface
• Quick boot-up time
• Easy to operate
• Battery-powered and wireless capabilities for true mobility
• Magnesium case for lightweight strength
• Backlit keyboard is easier on the eyes

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Included with each SonoSite product purchase is exclusive access to SonoSite Institute, our web-based education portal. Take advantage of point-of-care ultrasound tools and resources that can help you become a more efficient point-of-care ultrasound provider.

SonoSite Synchronicity
Discover seamless point-of-care ultrasound credentialing, QA, and billing with our workflow manager.

High resolution imaging across the point of care
Our most versatile system for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic, and superficial imaging. The M-Turbo® ultrasound system gives you striking image quality with sharp contrast resolution and clear tissue delineation. This ultrasound equipment lets you visualize detail, improving your ability to differentiate structures, vessels and pathology.

Ask about the SonoSite warranty.

SonoSite M Turbo Product Brochure

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