Opticlar VScope Led Diagnostic Set – Battery Handle

Set Includes

  • VScope Fibre Optic LED otoscope
  • L28 LED Ophthalmoscope
  • C Cell battery handle
  • Supplied withdisposabletips 2.5mm and 4.0mm
  • Zip Case


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The innovative LED, otoscope with 4.2x magnification and variable focal length

  • ADAPT C cell battery handle
  • High quality construction for long life and reliability
  • TRUE TONE LED for accurate colour rendering and easier diagnosis
  • Unique 10 year LED warranty for lower running costs, never have to buy a spare bulb again
  • 20,000 hour plus LED life guarantees unlimited use with no blown bulb downtime
  • Compatibility with HEINE or Welch Allyntips
  • Excellent visualisation of all important structures aids diagnosis
  • 4.2x viewing window swivels out of way for easier instrumentation
  • UK based assembly, servicing and repairs
  • Smart Phone compatible for easy documentation

Opticlar L28 Practice Ophthalmoscope

  • Superior miniaturised optics facilitates entry into even very small diameter pupils
  • Polarising fi lter practically eliminates corneal reflex and can be used on all apertures
  • Sealed optics for long life and reduced running cost
  • 28 lenses from -25 to 40d
  • Independently selectable red free fi lter for use on all apertures provides increased contrast
  • 18 fi lter/aperture combinations for increased diagnostic capabilities
  • Cobalt blue fi lter to help detect corneal Abrasions


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Opticlar VScope Led Diagnostic Set – Battery Handle
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