Fluid Resistant Medical Masks – Type IIR Certified. Box of 50.

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Medical Grade Type IIR also called Type 2


Fluid Resistant type IIR (also called Standard 1, Type 2) Medical Masks with Ear Loops

Fluid Repellent 3-ply Medical Face Masks have a high filtration efficacy and offer protection when there is a risk of fluid contamination.

This product conforms to the requirements of the Directive 93/42/ECC and subsequent amendments including Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745.   This product is compliant with ES BN 14683:2019. Type IIR specification and equivalent International Standards.   CE Marked of Manufacturer is affixed.

What is Type IIR (also called Type 2):

Medical face masks help prevent large particles expelled by the wearer (e.g. spit, mucous) from reaching the patient or work environment. Type II – EN14683 masks are appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids from the patient or work environment is not a risk for the healthcare worker.

Therefore, type IIR Fluid Repellent 3-ply Medical Face Masks have a high filtration efficacy and offer protection when there is a risk of fluid contamination.

Theses Fluid-resistant (Type IIR) medical masks are recommended as PPE for primary care, outpatient, community and social care by setting, HSE and they can also be used by private individuals.

The main benefits include: 

  • Type IIR Fluid Repellent
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%
  • Masks sealed in pack of 50 for hygiene purposes
  • Fluid Resistant

These green and white 3 ply face masks have an integrated nose clip.   The high filtration efficacy accounts to EN 14683, Type II R Fluid Resistant. These masks have different layer materials and thicknesses to correctly reach Type II R Mask (EN14683) certification.

  • Outer layer: polypropylene non-woven fabric, water-repellent effect layer.
  • Middle layer: High efficiency blown melt.
  • Inner layer: polyester soft skin-friendly non-woven fabric

Please be aware, there are many other masks on online market places with zero certification as well as only having 95% high bacterial filtration efficiency.


Size: (17.5 ± 0.5)cm x (9.5 ± 0.5)cm
Filtration Efficiency: EN14683:2019 Annex B >98%
Breathabillity: EN14683:2019 Annex B <60Pa/cm² Splash Resistance: > 16kpa. ISO22609:2004
Micobial Cleanliness: 20-25cfu/g ENISO11737-1:2018 <30cfu/g
Biocompatibility: Conforms with requirements EN ISO10993-5:2009 and EN ISO10993-10:2013

Outer layer: PP Non-woven 30gms ± 1gsm
Middle layer: Melt-blown 25gsm ± 1gsm
Inner layer: PP Non-woven 20gsm ± 1gsm
Ear loop: Urethane Elastic Fiber length 18cm ± 1cm
Nose clamp: Iron wire with plastic coasting 10.5cm ± 1cm

Surgical Masks 3 Ply 3 Layers







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