agedio B500



The agedio® vascular age measurement is an innovative screening service for cardiovascular risk detection and enables health-promoting preventive measures at an early stage. Vascular age measurement is a further development of classic blood pressure measurement. The clinically validated agedio® B500 measuring device performs a blood pressure and pulse wave analysis during an upper arm measurement within an automatic measuring cycle. The measurement is carried out in combination with the iOS app agedio® K520 installed on an iPad, which enables a clear preparation of the measurement results in a report for your customer and also for his doctor. The result allows a clearer statement on cardiovascular risk than peripheral blood pressure alone and is an independent predictor of cardiovascular events.

Customer benefits

Healthcare service providers

  • Identification of new clients with long-term client retention
  • Additional income and increased sales of other health products and services
  • An innovative screening service that appeals to a broad target group
  • USP compared to competition and creation of added value for customers
  • Enhancement of services offered in the field of prevention
  • High customer motivation for further health-promoting measures

Providers of company health management servicest

also benefit from a screening solution by encouraging employees to act preventively or quickly and thereby reduce sickness-related absenteeism.

System benefits

  • Reliable data thanks to high measurement precision (BHS (A/A) grading) of the approved medical product
  • User-friendly thanks to one-button operation, large display and fast measurement without unpleasant effects (AFL: Auto-Feedback Logic)
  • Easy processing of results in automatically generated reports for customers and their doctors


Basic Set T30603101
Our Basic set provides you with the accessories needed for blood pressure measurement and pulse wave analysis to determine the vascular age, alongside the monitor.*

  • agedio® B500
  • 3 cuffs (sizes S, M and L)
  • 4 Batteries
  • Set pouch
  • Tape measure
  • Manual

* Measurement evaluation via iOS App agedio® K520

HMS CS – The Basis For Comprehsive Hypertension Management

The Hypertension Management Software Client Server (HMS CS) is our in-house patient and evaluation management software and seamlessly combines screening, diagnostics and follow-up.

eConnectSecure data management and simple networking form a trustworthy basis for every doctor and healthcare provider, who works safely with sensitive data and networks all areas. You save time through direct and wireless communication and location-independent workplaces by using the desktop software HMS CS in all areas of hypertension management. Through the possible integration into your practice or clinic software, you optimize patient management and guarantee full patient management.

Documents: Manual B500