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Fully integrated system available for rent!

Free Integration (I3 Integration) with your Patients Administration System

to include Socrates, HealthOne, Helix Practice Manager (HPM) and CompleteGP.

The Mobil-O-Graph® is considered as a classic among ABPM devices for use in doctors’ practices and clinics. Its intuitive combined with Hypertension Management Software (HMS) helps to increase the efficiency of day-to-day practice operations and have made the Mobil-O-Graph® one of the most popular long-term blood pressure measuring devices in diagnostics. The Mobil-O-Graph® also optionally offers the ability to determine the haemodynamic condition of blood vessels using pulse wave analysis. This allows for better risk classification of patients, and enables optimised, individualised therapy adjustments in connection with hypertension management. In addition to high measurement accuracy and measured value reproducibility, the Mobil-O-Graph® is also one of the most commonly used diagnostic measurement systems with currently over 400 publications in the field of arterial stiffness.

As recommended by NICE, recording a patient’s blood pressure during their everyday routine gives a more accurate blood pressure profile free from distortion created by white coat hypertension. This allows a more accurate diagnosis to be made. The Mobil-O-Graph can record ambulatory blood pressure for up to 48 hours.

Customer benefits

Specialists in cardiology, hypertensiology, general and internal medicine

  • Intuitive user-independent pulse wave analysis measurement
  • Identification of hypertension-related phenomena for better decision-making regarding treatment
  • Support of therapy decision based on central blood pressure and haemodynamic analysis (central blood pressure, cardiac output and
    peripheral resistance)
  • Time saving thanks to improved personalised therapy
  • Optimised patient management thanks to intuitive patient report

Specialists in the field of nephrology

  • Patient-specific risk analysis for dialysis optimisation
  • Saves time by making specific preparations for the dialysis patient
  • Personalised therapy adjustment improves the patient’s quality of life, and extends life expectancy

Clinical Research

  • Reliable data due to the high precision (BHS (A/A Grading) and ESH) of the certified medicinal product validated measurement algorithms for pulse wave analysis
  • Straightforward, intuitive use of the Mobil-O-Graph for optimal integration in a study setting
  • Maximum data interoperability and reliable data

System benefits

  • Optional step-by-step expansion of ABDM measurement to include central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis
  • Longevity due to high international protection class (IP42) & high quality product components
  • Clinically validated results due to high measurement accuracy
    (BHS A/A grading and ESH)
  • Gentle and fast blood pressure measurement using the Auto Feedback Logic (AFL) algorithm
  • Easy to use and to integrate into everyday practice thanks to Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions:

  • Battery contact connector for reliable and correct insertion of (rechargeable) batteries
  • Battery compartment lid with haptic feedback for superior grip when opening
  • Cone-fit cuffs that fit perfectly
  • Alignment aids for correctly choosing and positioning cuffs
  • Cuffs without latex or plasticisers
  • The Schott plug feedback mechanism enables easy and reliable connection of the cuffs to the Mobil-O-Graph®
  • Support strap on the Mobil-O-Graph® belt pouch keeps the cuff tube in its designated position
  • USB cable connector with anti-kink protection
  • Laminated quick guide for hygienic use
  • Step-by-step expansion of the Mobil-O-Graph® to include central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis

All cardiovascular parameters combined in one solution.

Unlock the Mobil-O-Graph to perform central blood pressure readings and complete complete pulse wave analysis (PWA).

In this new form the new license management is unique world-wide. In addition to the basic functions, you can subsequently activate central blood pressure (cBP) or complete pulse wave analysis (PWA) with 8 parameters for ideal cardiovascular management. Determine which values you prefer and make individual adjustments depending on your preferences. All measured data is summarized in clear graphics and can be easily taken from the report.

ABPM Upgrades

*1 device – 3 levels via license upgrades

With our rental package, we offer:

      • Free multi-computer Installations
      • Free Software Upgrades
      • Free Calibrations
      • Free Loan Models
      • Free Training
      • Free Support
      • Free Service
      • Free Spare Parts
      • Free Cuffs.  Two complimentary cuffs. Choose 2 x Medium Cuffs OR 1 x Medium Cuff and 1 x Large Cuff.
      • Free Cuff inliners (50) OR 50 free Cotton Sleeve Cuff Barriers
      • FREE Integration (I3 Integration) with your Patients Administration System to include: Socrates, HealthOne, Helix Practice Manager (HPM) and CompleteGP.  Fully integrated system available for rent! 
      • I3 Socrates Integration Explainer Video: 


Set Includes:

      • Mobil-O-Graph ABPM Monitor
      • HMS Client Server Hypertension Management Software & USB Data Cable.
      • Carry Case
      • Two complimentary cuffs. Choose 2 x Medium Cuffs OR 1 x Medium Cuff and 1 x Large Cuff.
      • Battery Charger and 4 x Rechargeable Batteries
      • Free Cuff Liners (Pack of 50)

Features & Benefits:

      • Easy to use
      • Highly accurate: A/A BHS rating
      • Creates electronic PDF report that can be easily filed to GP clinical systems
      • Small and lightweight – Almost silent cuff inflation, gentle and fast measurements
      • Auto-Feedback-Logic – prevents discomfort caused by cuff over inflation
      • User friendly recorder for patient compliance
      • Day/Night button for accurate analysis
      • Highly intuitive ABPM analysis software included
      • Unique Bluetooth in-clinic short term monitoring facility
      • Bluetooth, infrared, USB or serial connections
      • Rapid download of 24 hour recordings to PC
      • Results displayed in a wide variety of simple formats (numerical and graphical)
      • Patient reports can be compared to clearly show treatment efficacy

The Mobil-O-Graph costs less than €2.30 per day!

With the H.S.E. now offering €62 per patient for 24 hourly ABPM it is imperative that surgeries have an adequate amount of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors.

Please consider the financial benefits for surgery A and B below:

Surgery A

They have 2 Mobil-O-Graphs and do 4 A.B.P. readings a week per machine for 48 weeks of the year.Their total income is €23,800 and their total rental cost is €1649 Inc VAT.

Surgery B

They have 2 Mobil-O-Graphs and do 5 A.B.P. readings a week per machine for 48 weeks of the year. Their mix is 50% public and 50% private. They charge the private patients €80.00 Therefore, thetotal income is €34,080 and their total rental cost is €1649 Inc VAT.

Renting the machines also takes all the worry away!!



Mobil-O-Graph Manual

Mobil-O-Graph NG Patient Information

Cardiovascular technology and indication service

Bibliography – Mobil-O-Graph Blood Pressure Monitor

The HMS CS Software



Mobil-O-Graph® deployed in ISS space!

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