Mocom B Classic Autoclave Steriliser

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B Classic: an assured success.

The B Classic was designed to make work easier by optimising times and costs. Exceptional quality and practicality ensure exceptional safety and reliability.
Easy to use, the B Classic provides full traceability of every single sterilization cycle.

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A star is born.

While three sterilization chamber sizes are available (17, 22 and 28 litres) the external dimensions remain the same for all the volumes; moreover, all versions feature a monochromatic LCD display and keypad. Careful design and optimisation of all components make the B Classic sterilizer ideal for those requiring easy, safe reliable sterilization procedures. To allow fast identification of users with regard to executed cycles, the B Classic sterilizer can be managed using an ID PIN system. Once the cycle has been completed, the B Classic records the data o n t he internal memory i n pdf format. The saved data can subsequently be downloaded onto a PC viaa standard USB memory device.

High-grade performance, in terms of both cycle execution speed and thermodynamic parameter quality, is ensured by the new steam generator and double-head vacuum pump. The electro-polished stainless steel sterilization chamber ensures outstandingquality, together with even longer-lasting durability. Like the others, this model adopts the new safe and simple door locking mechanism which ensures the load can be recovered in the event of a power failure.

The anti-dust filter traps impurities in the cooling air and protects the sterilizer interior and steam condensation system.

Monitored Device Management

Thanks to the information on the LCD display, the user is immediately informed as soon as simple scheduled maintenance tasks become necessary: a solution that ensures excellent, long-lasting sterilizer performance and reliability.

High quality production, ensured by thorough certification and approval standards, such as:
ISO 9001/ISO 13485 Quality System applied to Medical Devices
CE 0051 EC Medical Directive Marking

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