Sealeasy Selfsealing Autoclave Pouches 300 x 370 mm, 200 Pcs.

91.59 ex VAT - 112.66 inc VAT


Self adhesive pouches with a paper background are ideal for users who only infrequently need to sterilise instruments.
Perfect adhesion, with indicator for steam and gas sterilisation. In accordance with DIN/EN 868. Strength 70 g/m, steam sterilisation up to 134 C. No sealing machines necessary!

Usage is simple:
1. Insert the instrument and remove protective strip from the adhesive surface
2. Place the pouch onto a smooth, surface and fold the adhesive strip along the perforation line, pressing down firmly.
3. Then sterilised in the autoclave.

Make sure to choose the pouch size which fits the instrument comfortably and without stretching. If the pouch is too small there is a risk of breaking and contamination.


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