Saver One Trainer Kit for AED Defibrillator

430.17 ex VAT - 529.11 inc VAT


The Saver One T is an AED trainer with which you can make courses for certificate BLS-D safely.
The device simulates all the Saver One defibrillator functions, but does not perform any download.

A small device is easy to use which shall carry out realistic and versatile training for all skill levels. Designed to meet all the needs of trainers, to make training or re-training of operators not expert or experts.
The Saver One T emulates all the functions of PAD Saver One , but delivers shocks, enabling the operator to be guided and trained in safety in the various phases of the rescue.
The Saver One T allows of ‘ECG analysis simulation, a shock is delivered, the simulation of CPR for adult or pediatric patients with voice commands and bright icons. It also allows you to instruct the operator on technical issues related to a possible malfunction of defibrillaore.

Immediate control IrDA Remote control for a total and convenient control of the trainer
Operation Continued network or rechargeable batteries over 100 hours
Multilingual 2 languages selectable
Clear Voice commands new audio technology for the perfect sound
AHA / ERC 2010 10 rescue scenarios preprogrammed
4 fully customizable scenarios

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