28th Jun

Mobil-O-Graph® deployed in ISS space!

Mobil-O-Graph® PWA of German medical device manufacturer I.E.M. deployed in ISS space research on vascular aging

Our cardiovascular system has adapted in the course of evolution to the conditions on Earth. The heart pumps blood through the arteries, supplying oxygen to the cells throughout the body. Due to the changed gravitational forces in space, this system is disturbed, since in weightlessness a redistribution of blood and tissue fluids occurs. In addition to immediate effects, there are also longterm changes in the cardiovascular system, which can be attributed to the adaptation of the body to the changed environmental conditions.

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Press Release – Mobil-O-Graph transported to ISS_rev.18052018 (002)


Mobil-O-Graph® 24h PWA Monitor Basic Set incl. Analysing unit

Photo (Eyevine/picturedesk.com): The SpaceX Dragon Supply Ship with AIT Pulse Wave Analysis on board approaches the International Space Station.

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