IEM Long-term blood pressure

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


With blood pressure and pulse wave analysis, you offer an innovative screening service for health care to detect high-risk patients at an early stage and significantly reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke over the course of their lives.

With a time investment of a few minutes, you perform the non-invasive measurement and evaluation of the measurement results. These are clearly processed on a report using simple visualizations using a traffic light system. The results show the aging state of the vessels with actual biological age.

The persons identified as at-risk patients are given the opportunity to take preventive measures and thus significantly reduce the personal risk of a cardiovascular incident.

The application areas of The IEM screening solutions are diverse: Pharmacies, doctors and hospitals, but also in occupational health management or in the field of fitness and nutrition, customers worldwide use the screening technologies of IEM.


The use of our validated ABPM system offers you clinical and economic value and enables a secure diagnosis. A one-time blood pressure measurement is ideally supplemented by the ABPM to detect significant daily fluctuations in blood pressure. Thus, different hypertension phenomena (e.B. white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, nocturnal hypertension, etc.) can be safely diagnosed.

IEM has further developed the classic blood pressure measurement around pulse wave analysis (PWA), which includes important cardiovascular parameters, and made it optionally available as an upgrade. Our long-term measuring devices can thus perform a pulse wave analysis within an automatic measuring cycle in addition to a blood pressure measurement.

The evaluation of the individual parameters of the PWA allows a clearer statement about cardiovascular risk than the peripheral blood pressure alone. In addition, the ESH/ESC guidelines for the classification and treatment of hypertension give a significantly better indication in relation to the drug therapy decision. In order to ensure a high efficiency of the process flow in the clinic and at the patient, we offer intelligent assistance, Smart Solutions*, for our products, which equally achieve significantly better patient acceptance of our ABPM system.


The Solution for Screening

  • Fast and reliable identification of high-risk patients
  • A wide range of applications
  • Visualized evaluations in individual reports

The Solution for Diagnostics

  • Upgradeable hemodynamic parameters
  • Significantly better patient compliance
  • Increased efficiency with Smart Solutions*


Long-term blood pressure devices & software

The Mobil-O-Graph® is considered a classic for the doctor’s office and clinic among the 24h ABPM devices worldwide. The fast handling combined with the hypertension management software (HMS CS) increases efficiency in everyday practice and has made the Mobil-O-Graph® one of the most popular long-term blood pressure monitors in diagnostics.

In addition, the Mobil-O-Graph® optionally offers the possibility to determine the hemodynamic vascular status using pulse wave analysis. This allows for a better risk classification of the patient, which leads to an optimal individualized therapy setting in the field of hypertension management. In addition to the high measurement accuracy and reproducibility of the measured values, the Mobil-O-Graph® with its currently more than 400 publications in the field of arterial vascular stiffness, is one of the most frequently used diagnostic measuring systems.


Hypertension Management Software Client Server

The Hypertension Management Software Client Server (HMS CS) is our in-house patient and evaluation management software and seamlessly combines screening, diagnostics and follow-up.  Secure data management and easy networking form a trusting basis for every physician and healthcare provider that works securely with sensitive data and connects all areas.IEM Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Time savings through direct and wireless communication and location-independent workstations can be obtained by using the desktop software HMS CS in all areas of hypertension management. By possible integration into your clinic or clinic software, you optimize patient management and guarantee complete patient management.

Pulse wave analysis

Mobil-O-Graph® – The Pulse Wave Analysis Monitor provides information on important, vital parameters of hemodynamics and vascular stiffness under the special stresses of everyday life.

Long-term blood pressure features

  • Protocols
    Standard and Custom Measurement Protocols. Optional additional parameters such as Central Blood Pressure and PWA available
  • Measurements
    Reliable data due to high measurement precision (BHS (A/A) grading) of the approved medical device
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
    Option for gradual extension of blood pressure measurement to include measurement of central aortal blood pressure and pulse wave analysis
  • Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA)
    Option for gradual extension of blood pressure measurement to include measurement of central aortal blood pressure and pulse wave analysis
  • Application
    Easy handling and integration into everyday practice thanks to Smart Solutions
  • Reports
    Easy preparation of the results in automatically generated reports for the customer and his treating physician

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