I3 Integrated Diagnostic Solutions for Primary Care

Making clinics safer, faster and easier.

Whether manual entering or scanning and attaching diagnostic reports to a patient’s medical record these are all time-consuming processes. As a clinician this can often mean that you spend more time carrying out administrative tasks than caring for your patients.

How does it work ?

I3 Diagnostic solution

I3 integration software eliminates these problems by acting as a link between your patient administration system to include Socrates, HealthOne, Helix Practice Manager and CompleteGP and our 12 Lead ECG, ABPM and Spirometry devices. It will considerably simplify all your test procedures by eliminating the need for manual data entry at the start and end of every diagnostic test, ensuring that test results are always filed to the correct patient medical record.

At the start of every test, I3 will automatically retrieve a patient’s details from your clinical system and pass this information to the device you want to use. Once you have completed your tests, I3 will then file a PDF report of the results and any associated read codes directly into the patient’s medical record. This makes your diagnostic testing safer, faster and easier.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enhances patient care – streamlines the test procedure, allowing you to concentrate on caring for your patients
  • Increases patient safety – diagnostic test results are filed to the correct medical record on your PAS
  • Saves time  – reduces administration allowing you to increase patient flow throughout
  • Accurate data – reduces errors

Integration fee: €200 plus vat

What products are compatible?

Mobil-O-Graph® NG ABPM Classic – Basic Set


SpiroConnect Spirometer

QRS Universal 12 Lead ECG, PC Based


Please see the I3 Integration video below: 


To get more information about I3 Diagnostic Solutions for your GP practice

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