On a cold day, the ointment can be very firm, making it a little more difficult to apply; this is perfectly common and is simply a characteristic of the natural beeswax we use. Heat a small amount of the salve in your hand or fingers before applying it; it will be much easier to apply.

Please note to treat your precious skin with great care while applying moisturizers! To avoid more skin irritation or injury, apply emollients in the direction of your hair follicles and avoid rubbing the skin.

If your skin is very dry and in desperate need of hydration, add a thick layer of ointment before going to bed and keep it on overnight. Wear old pajamas if you do this because the salve will stain over time.

To minimize the risk of infection, scoop out the ointment with freshly washed fingers or a spoon, and be careful not to spread the salve from an infected area to other areas if you’re using it on the infected skin.