Face Masks

Current recommendations for the use of PPE in Healthcare setting during the Pandemic

V2.7 18.01.2022 Introduction Prevention and Control practice supported by appropriate use of PPE is important to minimise risk to patients ...
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ffp3 mask

Cambridge Hospital’s Mask Upgrade Appears to Eliminate Covid Risk to Staff

An NHS hospital that upgraded the type of face masks used by staff on Covid-19 wards recorded a dramatic fall of up ...
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Kids Face Masks

Children in 3rd class and above advised to wear masks in school

01 December 2021 The ongoing efforts by parents and children to adhere to the public health advice during this pandemic ...
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KN95 Face Masks

The Difference Between FFP2 Masks, KN95 and N95. A Comprehensive Guide.

You can purchase approved filtering face masks in addition to the classic blue surgical masks, which are good for avoiding ...
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A study on Face Masks

Face mask use by healthy people in the community: Summary of Evidence.

21st August 2020 Face masks aim to reduce the spread of infection by acting as a source control to stop ...
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N95 Masks

Don’t Use N95 Masks for More Than 2 Days, Research Suggests

An Article by Ingrid Hein from Medscape (W: https://www.medscape.com) November 02, 2020 When reused for more than 2 days, nearly ...
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Save the school buy the masks

Christmas Face Masks – proceeds will go to ‘Schools for Syria’

Let's Mask Up for Syria We are delighted to announce that €10,228 was raised for the Schools for Syria Charity.  Thank ...
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KN95 Protective Masks

What’s the Difference Between N95 Masks and KN95 Masks?

An Article by Tim Chan in rollingstone.com (W: https://www.rollingstone.com/) They have similar-looking names but are held to entirely different standards ...
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Benefits of wearing a Mask

Masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19, save lives and restore jobs

~95% of the world lives in countries where the government and leading disease experts both agree that masks are effective ...
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Face Masks

Helping people wear face masks safely and consistently

Ensuring that people use masks and face coverings safely is very important during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Read this article (2 ...
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