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Protectus Viridis Passes Eu Standards For Effectiveness Against Coronaviruses

Protectus Viridis surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers have undergone independent testing and are found to be effective against coronaviruses. Tests ...
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Roche Covid tests

3 Key Considerations For Covid-19 Testing During Flu Season

By Sonia N. Rao, PharmD, BCIDP, BCPS QIAGEN Medical Affairs – Infectious Diseases SARS-CoV-2 is a novel beta coronavirus that ...
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According To A U.K. Study, Cough And Sore Throat Are The Most Common Symptoms Of COVID-19

July 15, 2022 – A study of COVID-19 patients in the United Kingdom has found that loss of taste and ...
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Reinfections with COVID-19 May Be Frequent, But Not Harmless

Experts warn that BA.5, which currently accounts for the majority of cases in the U.S., may be particularly likely to cause ...
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ffp2 nanofiber mask

Nanofiber-Based Face Masks and Respirators as COVID-19 Protection: A Review

1. Introduction Wearing face masks, use of respirators, social distancing, and practicing personal hygiene are all measures to prevent the ...
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Covid-19 Patients Have A Higher Risk Of Blood Clots According To A Swedish Study

Patients with Covid-19 face an increased risk of serious blood clots up to six months after being infected, according to ...
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pulse oximetry

The Impact Of Remote Home Monitoring Of People With Covid-19 Using Pulse Oximetry: A National Population And Observational Study

Abstract Background Remote home monitoring of people testing positive for COVID-19 using pulse oximetry was implemented across England during the ...
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Evaluation of Rapid Antigen Tests Using Nasal Samples to Diagnose SARS-CoV-2 in Symptomatic Patients

Introduction Since December 2019, the number of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) confirmed cases has been rising rapidly despite the efforts ...
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rapid antigen test

Diagnostic Accuracy of Rapid Antigen Test Kits for Detecting SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 17,171 Suspected COVID-19 Patients

Abstract Early diagnosis is still as crucial as the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. As RT-PCR sometimes is not ...
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Long COVID – Facts, Figures and Management by Medical Professionals

COVID-19 has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks in contemporary medicine to date. Not only as a ...
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