15th Aug

Eliminate Weight Documentation Errors and Alleviate the Burden from Clinical Staff & Pharmacy Departments


Height and weight play an instrumental role when it comes to medical decision making. From the moment a baby is born, measurements are often first handwritten on a piece of paper or glove and then entered into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system at a later time and at another location in the hospital. With the daily rush and distractions nurses experience, there is potential for erroneous measurements to be made by misreading handwriting, switching numbers, or misplacing decimal points that put the infant at risk. Even the smallest variances are critical for a newborn when determining medication dosages based on weight.


Improve patient safety and enhance clinical workflow

With seca integration solutions – skip transcriptions altogether! A simple scan of the patients wristband will identify the patient and automatically store weight and height in an EMR. No more typos, conversion errors, or time delays. Talk about piece of mind!

At seca, we’ve made it a top priority to provide EMR-validated scales, measuring and vital signs monitor solutions that eliminate this risk entirely and alleviates the burden from clinical staff & pharmacy departments while optimizing processes and improving efficiencies.

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