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Accurate Results with the Unique Error Detection System


Mesi ABPI MD Accurate results

Unique error detection without false results, elimination of blood pressure drift error and design of the cuffs all contribute to accurate results.

Accuracy is KEY!

Thanks to a unique error detection system, MESI ABPI MD will alert the operator to any irregularities which occur during the measurement process.

If the cuffs have been poorly placed or if the patient has moved during the measurement, the error message will be displayed on the screen.

A description of the problem / cuff in question can be found by pressing the “return” key at this stage. A description of the problem / cuff in question can be found by pressing the “return” key at this stage.

Reliable even in the case of critical ischemia and medical calcinosis

Our improved plethysmographic sensors detect critical ischemia and medial calcinosis even when pressure oscillations are not available due to heavy occlusion.

Every measurement with MESI ABI MD provides sufficient information for further actions.

While performing the measurement on a patient with severe PAD, it is possible that no pulse is detected. The obstruction on the artery is heavy, resulting in weak blood flow after the obstruction. The pressure is suppressed and the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure vanishes.

Elimination of blood pressure drift error

It is crucial to eliminate the delay between separate measurements on each extremity to achieve maximum ABI accuracy.

MESI ABI MD conducts simultaneous blood pressure measurements on one arm and both ankles.

Simultaneous cuff inflation. Red line for the cuff on the upper arm, green for the cuff on the right ankle and yellow for the cuff on the left ankle.

Cuffs are essential for ABI measurement

The conical shape of the cuffs provides perfect fitting to the patient’s extremities, providing the best accuracy.

Different colours indicate where to place each cuff.

The red cuff should be positioned on the upper arm, the green on the right and yellow on the left ankle.

Each cuff is clearly labelled and includes a diagram to ensure correct placement. No training is needed ad comprehensive guidelines are provided.

Cuffs are available in medium and large sizes.



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